Xandex Inc.

Xandex Inc. develops products and offers services to worldwide customer bases in the solar energy and semiconductor equipment markets. Our Solar and Semiconductor divisions service customers in their respective markets throughout North America, Asia and the EU. 

Xandex also invests in promising technology ventures through our investments arm, Xandex Investments LLC.  Click on the links below to learn more about Xandex Inc., our global presence and our commitment to innovation and quality in everything we do.

Solar Products and Services Division is the newest Xandex division. The Solar Division provides renewable energy solutions to the rapidly growing solar energy market under the SunMizer® brand. Xandex develops and qualifies innovative products that are deployed in photovoltaic (PV ) installations to optimize production.  For more information visit www.sunmizer.com

Xandex Semiconductor designs and manufactures products used in the test and assembly segment of the  semiconductor industry.  DieMark® inking products are the global standard for marking defective chips during wafer level test. The Xandex Zero Insertion Force (XZIF) interconnect system broke barriers in contact density and parallelism during flash memory test.

Xandex Investments LLC is the wholly owned venture investment company of Xandex Inc.  The LLC provides seed and early stage funding to promising ventures in Renewable Energy, Life Science and Web Applications. In addition to funding, Xandex Investments provides a "Head Start" advantage to its portfolio companies by offering assistance and seasoned resources for business, engineering and manufacturing development.